End of story Sties Scania 141

30 December 2013 by Gerrit de Heus  
Posted in Sties is back

How great it might have been, the Scania 141 in Sties colors no longer exists.

The owner of the Sties truck, Anton Timmerman, used it for his daily loads, including preloading trailer and inland freights. Several times people have asked Anton if he wanted to trade his 141 for another, younger, truck. Anton responded to these questions by saying: “Just offer me something good in exchange”, and this happened. Someone offered a newer truck for the 141, to be precise a Scania R 500 (an ex Nor-Cargo in blue/white).

The dealer, who originally traded the Scania 141 with Anton, has in the meantime already sold it to a customer in France. This customer wanted to have the 141 repainted and he wanted this to be done by the same company (LINK) that was responsible for painting the 141 in Sties colors. This company has dissembled the Sties 141 and repainted it in the color that were chosen by the customer. After this was done, the 141 went back to France, fully stripped of his Sties colors.

With this, an end has come to the Scania 141 with Sties colors.


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