The Nor-cargo scale model of Kees de Heus

14 March 2010 by Gerrit de Heus  
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Scale model of Arve’s FH12. Made by Kees de Heus.

The following description is about the scale model of Arve’s FH12 (scale 1:50)

It is a Tekno model of the FH12. The loading platforms are made by himself, where the major difference lies in the fact that the doors on the side actually can be opened. So you can now also see the loading platforms from the inside. He needed much patience before he finally achieved it.

The doors also had to turn, but there aren’t such small hinges. After having tested some things, the sticker, that was stuck over the entire side, was used as a hinge.

The loading platforms were divided by the appropriate number of doors. So if you open the doors alternately, just like in real life, you have the side opening.

Furthermore, also the cool engines, boxes, bumpers, fire extinguishers and the adjustable triangle are made by him.


3 Comments on "The Nor-cargo scale model of Kees de Heus"

  1. Samir Cueto on 5 August 2010 20:53 

    HI….. I want you buy your replicas… please send me a message..

    Best Regards

  2. R DE WILDE on 7 November 2010 11:46 


  3. Rune on 24 May 2013 16:40 

    I knew Arve and his family for many years. It would be fantastic to have a replica of the truck he drove during his later years.
    Where to buy and what is the price? Please send me an email..

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards,

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