Scale model of Arve’s FH12

19 March 2010 by Gerrit de Heus  
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The Volvo FH12 of Arve (Araber’n) Almerud.

Built by and for Wim Varenkamp.

This scale model is a completely renovated Tekno. Actually this scale model doesn’t belong on a Sties website, but Sties became Nor-Cargo and because of that it became a Nor-Cargo scale model. But since this scale model is so perfectly built, or rebuilt, it is still a big value, especially as it concerns a model of my dear friend Arve Almerud.

This was certainly not the easiest truck to make a scale model of, but we will try to make a description of how it was built.

There was a corner cut out of the cabin to make room for the cooling engine. The interior had been adjusted with many details. The cooling engines are made by Wim himself, just like the loading platforms, which have been made according to the original measurements.

To the changed chassis, many self-made things were attached. Things like tanks, boxes, fire extinguishers and much more.

After the model had been painted in the right colours, the stickers were affixed. This are specially made stickers with the names of the drivers, the Norwegian flag and the logo of Larvik on them. Also the letters of Volvo, which are above the grill, are stickers.

Then this model was placed in a box of glass and  got a special place at the builder’s home, which it seems it could drive off any minute.


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