Arve’s F12 made by Wim Varenkamp

19 March 2010 by Gerrit de Heus  
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Scale model of the Volvo F12 from Arve (Araber’n) Almerud.

It is a Tekno model, created by and for Wim Varenkamp (scale 1:50).

As a base for the model, the chassis of a Volvo FH was used. The cabin and front fenders are the one’s of a F12.

To make the perfect model, Wim thought it would be important that the data was correct. That’s why he contacted the VBK factory to get the correct measurements for the containers. Unfortunately they had just cleaned up the archive at VBK, so there wasn’t any data left that he needed. Wim did get the name of a seller of VBK who involved in the sale of the truck. This Norwegian was extremely helpful and searched in his old archives. During this search it seemed that there were differences between the trucks of this type; the length of the containers differed about 20 cm. Using the license plate of Arve’s truck, it was possible to find the exact data.

 By using this data, the containers of the truck and trailer were made. There is a Tekno cooling engine used for the truck, but this engine is fully adapted. Now it is similar to the real cooling engine. The cooling engine for the trailer is made by Wim himself. Just like the tool boxes, tanks, battery, exhaust, etc. Also most parts of the trailer are made by himself.

I would be a very long story to describe all the parts that are attached to this model, or which have been changed. The interior has also been adjusted. This has changed so much, that only Wim knows exactly. I myself always see something new, every time I look at the picture… It would take very much time to count all the parts of the model, but there are many.

Looking at the model, it’s like Arve is just driving away with the car towards a far destination. He had been to many places with this car.


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  1. Samir Cueto on 5 August 2010 20:31 

    Hello, Im a south american trucker and I want to buy your replicas…. How much, where is teh site of transfer…. I will pay by PayPal transfer.



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