His Final Years

In his final years Arve drove with a permanent second driver in the truck. This driver was Trond Erik Sperre. Both names decorated the Volvo FH 12. Just as his previous truck, Arve put with big letters “Volvo” on front of the cabin, so you could see from afar when Arve was coming. On a modest spot the logo of Larvik, the place he lived, came. With this truck, they made several trips to several places both in Norway and abroad.

Trond Erik remembers a fun event that happened on a domestic trips. They had to go to Stavanger with some cargo and during a coffee break they looked at the loading platform of the truck, to see if everything was alright. Once they were back on the road, Arve asked: “Where’s my coffee?”, on which Trond Erik apologized, because it was still in the back of the truck. Arve was a man who wanted to be on time, so they didn’t stop before they reached Stavanger.

Once at their destination, they immediately started unloading. The door was opened and Arve’s coffee cup was still standing and also still filled. On which Arve took a sip and asked Trond: “Did you bring me cold coffee?”


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