The trailer of Betsy

17 August 2010 by Gerrit de Heus  
Posted in Betsy

In addition of this article, hereby a report on the restoration of the trailer.

After a long time of searching for a suitable trailer, Morten found one just 10km away from his house. This trailer was built by Maur from Norway.

The loading platform came from VBK and is made of fiberglass. When it was new, it was used in Northern Norway.

It was restored by Knud Hansen in Padborg, Denmark. This company also had the Thermo King cooling engine and placed it in front of the trailer. The loading platform was removed and everything was painted. Then they put the loading platform back and everything got technically reviewed. The trailer was painted and equipped with the right logo’s. Now they placed the right text on the rear doors.

Also the loading platform of Betsy was painted again and the put the same logos on. Except on the blue bottom, there is a different text.

The whole combination is as good as new.


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